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We offer our clients different paint packages tailor made for their different needs and also budget.We offer 3 types of packages,

            1) One DAY Painting

                   2) Commercial  Painting

    3) Paint  for free.


We do it in a day.png
We paint in A day


This package is meant for the person who is moving in or moving out,needs to relocate quickly,property managers who need their apartments to be repainted quickly so that a new tenant can come in,so if you want your house to be repainted in a DAY then this package will suit you because

1) Its quick and the highest standards are still maintained with our qualified painters.

  2) For this package,all the materials need to be on site and a 80:20 payment ration.

   3) A workmanship Guarantee of One Year is offered with this package.(View our House Rate card Tab)



This package is meant for those people who want to build a house,some one who wants to renovate an apartment,anyone painting the interior and exterior walls,a contractor who needs material on their sites,a home owner who is building slowly and at a budget,then this is your packages,its advantages are.

1)Its budget friendly.

     2)Client determines the duration of the paint project.  

  3)Highest standard of paint application is achieved.

4)It offers a 24months workmanship guarantee

Commercial property that we paint


Finally,this packages is meant for estate and apartment building committees who want their residential properties/flats/apartments to be painted or repainted.Building owners/property managers & building caretakers who need Restoration of old buildings to New Buildings,then this is your package.Its advantages are:

1)Our prices are Economical

2)We are faster as we use the pulley system.

3)High Quality paints are used that last more than 5yrs.

4)Paint and one year workmanship guarantee are offered after

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