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Women: The Emerging Force in Kenya's Painting Industry in 2023

In 2023, a remarkable shift is occurring in the Kenyan painting industry – women are increasingly becoming the new target market for paint contractors like us,The Machine Painting Co Ltd. Historically, this sector has been male-dominated, but times are changing, and for good reason. In this blog post, we will explore why women are now the new employers for painting companies in Kenya and why this transformation is noteworthy.

  1. Rising Economic Empowerment: Women in Kenya, like in many parts of the world, have been steadily gaining economic empowerment. This includes an increase in disposable income, more women entering the workforce, and an overall rise in financial independence. As a result, women are now more likely to take charge of home improvement projects, including painting.

  2. Homeownership: The number of women homeowners in Kenya is on the rise. With the growth in the real estate sector and government initiatives promoting affordable housing, more women are investing in homes. This means they have a vested interest in the maintenance and aesthetics of their properties, creating opportunities for painting contractors.

  3. Design and Aesthetics: Women often have a keener eye for design and aesthetics, and they understand the importance of colors, textures, and finishes in creating a comfortable and inviting living space. As a result, they are actively involved in making decisions about interior and exterior painting.

  4. Entrepreneurship: Women in Kenya are increasingly venturing into entrepreneurship, including running their own businesses from home. This trend creates a demand for professional painting services, as they seek to create appealing workspaces and storefronts.

  5. Attention to Detail: Many women are known for their attention to detail, which can be a valuable trait in the painting industry. They may demand higher standards of quality and precision from contractors, leading to better results for their projects.

  6. Trends in Color and Décor: Women often stay updated with the latest trends in home décor and design. This knowledge can influence their choices in paint colors and styles, presenting opportunities for contractors to offer specialized services.

  7. Word-of-Mouth and Reviews: Women tend to share their experiences and recommendations within their social networks. This word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews can significantly impact a painting contractor's reputation and business growth.

  8. Community and Networking: Women often participate in community and networking events, which can lead to connections with painting contractors for both residential and commercial projects.


The emerging role of women as the new employers for painting companies in Kenya is a testament to their increasing economic empowerment, homeownership, and attention to design and aesthetics. This shift presents an exciting opportunity for the painting industry to diversify its client base, cater to a wider range of preferences, and adapt to the changing dynamics of the Kenyan market. For painting contractors, recognizing and embracing this trend is key to success in 2023 and beyond.

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